My favourite film

My favourite film is ‘Repentence’ by Abuladze. "Repentence" is a skilful and beautifully filmed allegory.

My favourite film

The story is simple enough. Varlaam Aravidze, a renowned local leader, dies and is buried amid general mourning. But the coffin is later dug up and the body propped up against a tree. This incident is repeated several times until the person responsible is brought to trial. The film is her story, of why she refused to Set Varlaam Aravidze rest in peace. And her story is horrible. Once the local cultural figures, the artist among them, come to Varlaam to plead for the town’s temple to be saved. Soon after the artist and then his wife are taken away by Varlaam’s secret police.

This incident, like all others in the film, is based on fact.

Tragic, yet optimistic, with elements of the surrealistic the film is more powerful than any documentary historical narration could possibly have been.

As Abuladze says: ‘The action of the film takes place in all times and everywhere. But .it is no secret that we have a dark page in our history’.

  • Who is Your favourite actor?
  • My favourite actor is Mikhail Ulyanov.
  • What is Your favourite film?
  • My favourite film is ‘My Fair Lady’.